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Meet Trevor & Shannon

Based in Glastonbury, Trevor and Shannon have jointly developed their own unique take on Solfeggio Sound Healing and give regular sound healing sessions using their Solfeggio-tuned crystal bowls and other Solfeggio-tuned instruments, both privately and for the public. These powerful frequencies help achieve a greater sense of balance and deep healing. Their public events have taken place regularly since 2012.

Trevor and Shannon's Solfeggio Sound Healing creates a synergy of male and female energies. Combined with Subtle Touch Bodywork©, Reiki, Energy Healing, Counselling and Coaching,

they create a unique bespoke personal experience.

Sound Healing Workshops

We offer weekly Sound Healing Workshops at Bove Town House on a Tuesday evening with occasional sessions on a Thursday evening.  Details for both these are on our events page here.  There are limited spaces so please book early to avoid disappointment.  



Sound Healing Workshops at Bove Town House

£15 for the two-hour session

Includes refreshments after the event to help ground participants.




Sessions open to the public take place at the Avalon Room at the Nolava Room, The Goddess House, Magdalene Street,  Glastonbury since 2012.


Public Rates at the Avalon Room

£8 for the hour session




We can also offer private sessions at Bove Town House which are facilitated both by Shannon and Trevor.  The amount of individual attention will depend on the number of participants. 

(The maximum we can accommodate at any one time is 9). 



Private Session Rates For Sound Healing

£80 for a session for up to five participants (1 hour)

£15 for each extra person up to 9 participants (approximately up to 1 1/2 hours depending on numbers)


These sessions offer deep and profound relaxation and many participants report that they sleep well after a session. We use many other Solfeggio instruments that are too delicate or cumbersome to bring to our public workshops. We have a special recliner for those with back problems or other special needs. Workshops are held in a warm, clean and comfortable room.


'Myself and two friends have just had an amazing healing session with Trevor and Shannon.  As a sound healer myself, I can honestly say it was brilliant.   Also the sound baths they do are the best I’ve ever been to.'


"Language and life experience filter what we perceive, creating its own reality.  Sound takes us beyond these blocks, opening up new possibilities."