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Meet Trevor & Shannon

Based in Glastonbury, Trevor and Shannon have jointly developed their own style and methods using an array of unique instruments tuned to the Solfeggio Frequencies, which informs their distinctive approach to Sound Healing.  


Since 2012, they have given regular sound healing sessions using their Solfeggio-tuned crystal bowls and other Solfeggio-tuned instruments, both privately and for the public. These powerful frequencies help achieve a greater sense of balance and deep healing. 


In 2020, after the first Lockdown, they commissioned their unique 7-ft Solfeggio tSunami pyramid comprising nine huge horizontal tubular chimes tuned to the Solfeggio Frequencies.


Each frequency assists the healing journey through the release of tension, trauma, apathy, shame, fear, grief, outmoded paradigms and old relationships, lightly escorting participants through the various healing phases to ultimately reconnect with the Divine.


The Solfeggio Frequencies are proving to be an effective tool for our current times.


We also have three vintage Paiste planetary gongs: Mercury, Pluto and Chiron.  These powerful instruments create an extraordinary sonic landscape to assist in  shamanic journeying or finding solutions to issues that shape our lives. We blend our instruments in a unique way to create the ultimate sonic experience.




Trevor and Shannon's Solfeggio Sound Healing creates a synergy of male and female energies. Combined with Subtle Touch Bodywork©, Reiki, Light Language Energy Healing, Counselling and Coaching, they create a unique bespoke personal experience.  Shannon is a Reiki Master and has been working with Reiki since 1991.  Trevor has developed his own healing modality which he calls Soul Harmony based on many years experience.  

Sound Healing Workshops

See below for information of our regular Sound Healing Workshops at Bove Town House in Glastonbury.

There are limited spaces so please book early to avoid disappointment.  


Our classic Solfeggio sound journeys begin with a light meditation using the powerful tones of the Solfeggio tSunami to remove the energetic ‘dust and rust’ picked up in our everyday lives and to prepare the mind/body/spirit for a deeper heart-based journey. We then move into a new space, and using vintage Paiste planetary-tuned Chiron, Pluto and Mercury gongs to open up the chakras and continue the sound journey meditation to support your sacred voyage to a space of no place, no mind, no time.  


This is followed by the alchemical playing our Solfeggio-tuned crystal bowls, chimes and crystal pyramids to allow you to work on the intent set for your sound journey, leaving you refreshed and relaxed, ready to face the world.

In 2024 we will be offering, in addition to our regular sound healing events, 



Tuesday Evening Workshops

13 February 2024 from 7:30-9:00 pm
Bove Town House 

Solfeggio Deeper Sound Healing Workshop

with Solfeggio-tuned instruments, Gong Bath and Solfeggio tSunami

A small group held in warm, comfortable workshop space with individual attention to deepen and enhance the
sound healing experience. 

Includes Refreshments afterwards.

Experience our Solfeggio tSunami pyramid, followed by Solfeggio-tuned Crystal bowls, Pyramid, Chimes and Tuning Forks

together with our vintage Paiste Chiron, Mercury and Pluto-tuned planetary gongs,  in a safe, welcoming environment.

Booking essential

Saturday Workshops

Dates and Events to be Announced

We are putting together a series rolling workshops focussed on our 28th October 2023 event (see below) to cleanse various aspects of our DNA. 

Each workshop event will centre around one aspect of our DNA - from familial, ancestral, mitochondrial (the Feminine aspect only passed down through the Feminine line) and Working with the Shadow Mother, also known by scientists as Mitochondrial Eve.  


The content of these workshops has been channelled by Shannon over the last 18 months and has been independently described as innovative and ground-breaking.  

Friday Afternoon Workshops
March date to be announced

Bove Town House 

Solfeggio Sound Healing Group 


Small group held in warm (or cool!) and comfortable workshop space in

Bove Town House



This is an opportunity to experience Solfeggio-tuned Crystal bowls, Chimes and other instruments including our vintage Paiste Mercury, Pluto and Chiron-tuned Planetary gongs in a welcoming and clean environment.

So much more than a sound bath!


Booking Essential.

For more information phone 01458 898789, or text 07434 506377





Unable to attend one of our workshops?  

We also offer private sessions at Bove Town House facilitated both by Shannon and Trevor.  The amount of individual attention will depend on the number of participants. 

Private Session Rates For Group Sound Healing

£100 for a 1-hour session for up to five participants.  As we give every participant our individual attention, additional participants take longer.  Please call Trevor on 07434 506377 for further information and to discuss your requirements.  Our private workshop space can comfortably take up to nine participants.  


These sessions offer deep and profound relaxation and many participants report - at the very lest - that they sleep well after a session. We use many Solfeggio instruments that are too delicate or cumbersome to bring to our public workshops. We have a special recliner for those with back problems or other special needs. Workshops are held in a warm, clean and comfortable room with plenty of cushions and blankets if required.




Bespoke Private Sound Healing Sessions For One to Two Persons

Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs.

No two sessions are the same.

Drawing on a combined healing experience of 70 + years, Shannon and Trevor incorporate Sound Healing, Reiki, Subtle Touch Body Work, Energy Healing, Light Language Healing, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Voice Analysis, Crystal Healing, Genius Biofeedback and Life Coaching into each session as appropriate.

£100.00 per hour.  

(First sessions usually last 1.5 hours - £145.00)








  Self-Healing, DNA Repair and Light Code Activation

This coming Saturday 9th September at 7:00 pm at St John's Church, Glastonbury will be the first of three meditation evenings that follow the sacred sound journey.  


This evening, we will be working with Tareth who will connect us to Blessings from Source using Sacred Oil and individual healing.  This will be followed by a Solfeggio Sound Healing specifically tailored to connect us to Source energy via a deep heart meditation, facilitating the healing of trauma held in our personal energetic field.  We will use our Solfeggio sTunami Pyramid and crystal bowls as well as our planetary gongs: Pluto for transformation, Mercury for communication and Chiron for the healing of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical trauma. This Saturday's session is £15.00 on the door but future events will also be available by advance booking.

These special sound journeys, spread over a four-month period, will connect us to Source, facilitate the healing of personal trauma and DNA, and will download and activate special light codes that bring our souls into full remembrance of the Light.  We will be working with two powerful healers – Tareth and Nicola Light. Although we envision this as a profound sound journey, each session operates as a stand-alone event.

The second event, on Saturday 28th October at 7:00 pm at St John’s Church, will benefit from the powerful Hunter’s Moon when we to connect to Source.  Based on successful results from individual clients, this session will focus on healing our familial, ancestral and matrilineal DNA via a series of guided meditations accompanied by instruments tuned to the Solfeggio Frequencies.  The session will begin with a presentation to take you through the specially formulated protocol based on current scientific research and spiritual thinking.  We will also use our Solfeggio tSunami pyramid and planetary gongs Pluto, Mercury and Chiron and will work with a piece of Rose Quartz included in the ticket price.

The final session originally schedule
d for 24 February 2024 with Nicola Light who downloads and activates light codes has unfortunately had to be rescheduled.  The new date and venue will be announced later.  Nicola Light's work to take us into full remembrance of our Soul's path into the Light can be seen on her YouTube and Facebook channels. This session is designed take us further forward, working with our cleansed DNA, to release any blocks anchoring us into the old system, helping push our boundaries forward to welcome in new incoming energies.

Nicola is an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Galactic Shaman, Intuitive Healer, and Soul to Soul Mentor. Trance and Pure Channeling her Higher Self and Multidimensional aspects, Nicola pushes through her ego mind into the remembrance of her Light, shifting her connection to sources of Light expression and frequency to individuals needs. Nicola works internationally with Mediums, Healers, and highly evolved souls on their Ascension Journey.  



Tareth, Shannon and Trevor


An Evening of Three Meditations

Blessings from Source and 

Sound Healing using the Solfeggio Frequencies 

and other Sacred Sounds

St John's Church

High Street, 


Saturday 9th September 2023

From: 7:00 pm


Let go and open your heart, mind and soul 

with three Healing Meditations offering a 

deep connection with Unconditional Love via 

Sacred Oil Manifestation, 

plus a deep healing meditation 
using Sound Healing with the Solfeggio tSunami, 

Pluto, Chiron and Mercury Planetary-tuned Gongs, 

and other Solfeggio-tuned instruments


Healing and Restoring

 Your Original DNA Blueprint

Saturday 28th October 2023


With our DNA compromised by trauma, environmental and other factors, this special event will provide you with a gateway to access and restore your unique original DNA blueprint. 

This workshop will enable you to access the familial, matrilineal and ancestral DNA using the power of your mind and focussed sound.  

The evening comprises a talk followed by a series of powerful guided meditations to enable you to access your own DNA blueprint in the etheric field.  Drawing on new research, this sonic journey is supported by the powerful Solfeggio Frequencies of our Solfeggio tSunami, Crystal Bowls and Chimes together with the healing, transformative frequencies of our Chiron, Mercury and Pluto Vintage Paiste Planetary Gongs


Come and experience something completely unique

Saturday 28th October 2023


St John's Church

High StreetGlastonbury


Admission includes a piece of rose quartz for use during the meditation

From 7:00 - 9:30 pm

Further details to be confirmed.





Have van, can travel!

We regularly undertake Sound Healing Sessions at retreats in Glastonbury and beyond. 

Please call Trevor on 01458 898789/07434 506377 to discuss your upcoming event.  

Reasonable rates.










‘Beltane Bliss Sound Journey’ at the United Reform Church, High Street Glastonbury. Next to the Oriental Chef, opposite Abundiflora flower shop. 

Doors open at 2:45 pm.  

£10 on the door or buy online from Jenny Bliss’s website. 


This is an experimental improvisation, and anyone familiar with Jenny Bliss’s work knows they are in for something very special this Beltane.   


Jenny Bliss ('fantastic' - Radio 3, 'In Tune') weaves her unique improvisations on voice, violin, flute, double bass, harp, pipe organ and synth with sound healers Trevor and Shannon on their Solfeggio-tuned instruments, including their Solfeggio tSunami - a 7ft pyramid of 3” metal tubes, and

planetary gongs tuned to the frequencies of Pluto and Mercury. 



Tareth, Shannon and Trevor



An Evening of Three Meditations

Blessings from Source and 

Sound Healing using the Solfeggio Frequencies 

and other Sacred Sounds

St John’s Church, 

High Street, 


Saturday 14th May 2022 

7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Doors open 7.15 pm

£10.00 on the door


Let go and open your heart, mind and soul 

with three Healing Meditations offering a 

deep connection with Unconditional Love via 

Sacred Oil Manifestation, 

plus a Sound Healing using the Solfeggio tSunami, 

Pluto and Mercury Planetary-tuned Gongs, 

together with other Solfeggio-tuned instruments

Due to the popularity of the above event, we will be undertaking another with Tareth in October. Exact dates to be confirmed.  










Thank you so much for everything you have done for all of us.  Your therapy is truly life changing.  The quality of life I have now after 44 years of insomnia is mind blowing.


I find the sound healing profoundly nurturing and healing, its like going in very deep inside for a reorganisation that is so needed and being lightly escorted there and very supported while it happens. I love the natural joy that arises and the lightness and relief of heaviness of physical pains, and constrictions.


Myself and two friends have just had an amazing healing session with Trevor and Shannon.  As a sound healer myself, I can honestly say it was brilliant.   Also the sound baths they do are the best I’ve ever been to.'


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me for your Sound Healing session this past Tuesday.  I have no words to explain how much I enjoy them.  One never leaves your place the same person.  That is a magical mission to have in the world.  I do feel extremely blessed by finding you.

VT, Macedonia

I came a couple of years ago when I was visiting my friends in Glastonbury to the town hall.  It was amazing and I felt so relaxed afterwards and it helped with my pain.

-, UK

I think it's safe to say that's the best sound healing experience, of all kinds, that I've ever had!!!!



The deepest gratitude to you both for the enormous amount of work you put in to make the event so extraordinary.... Such an intense series of meditations, it’s affected me more than anything else I’ve participated in this year.  KL

Today... I sat outside and connected with my heart and the 5th ventricle. It brought me back into the experience, which continues to surprise me with its effects.  YS

Thank you for sharing a profound evening yesterday.  Last night and today I have experienced big shifts.... the book, 'The Diamond Codex and the Quartz Key' started to have more resonance for me in terms of healing our DNA.  So much research and preparation involved 🙏   SF

Thank you both for a truly wonder full evening... and for your amazing work for channelling the light in this way and helping us all to remember.  Z

Just wanted to say what an amazing event you both organised last night - it was truly amazing.  Very profound and atmospheric... just incredible and so powerful.  LC

...something new, innovative and groundbreaking.  KT


'Myself and two friends have just had an amazing healing session with Trevor and Shannon.  As a sound healer myself, I can honestly say it was brilliant.   Also the sound baths they do are the best I’ve ever been to.'


"Language and life experience filter our perceptions, creating its own reality.  Sound takes us beyond these blocks, opening up new possibilities."    

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